Carpe Diem!

by The Black Tie Operation

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released February 20, 2011

Recorded by Brett Portzer @ North Sea Studios in Albany



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The Black Tie Operation Albany, New York

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Track Name: Savor The Day
Breathe suck in the smoke, steal from us mock us and laugh as you choke. Scream at the top of your lungs, what was once peaceful is hungry for blood. Run cower in fear, take all our money but leave us your tears. Pray, beg for your god, in your last hour you’ll find that he’s gone. Fight, fight for your life, struggle to avoid the edge of our knife. Pain, peel back your face, keep it for me and leave salt in its place. Die a horrible death, for the sins you’ve committed you may never repent. Burn, suffer in hell, the fires will burn off the lies that you tell. Who else among us will survive the dead and stomach the sight of their loved ones corpses? Who else among us will run with the hunt, and savor the day that the sky turns black?
Track Name: I Love NY
Another day, a power trip, pick up your check, throw a fit. How much more will you take? You’ve got your mansion, suit cut to fit. What will you do when we burn it to the ground? I’m tired of working for no pay I break my back every day, wish this world had more respect, less naïve brains to infect. I will not sit idly by while priests and politicians destroy all the things that I create, hear my songs they’re full of hate. Another year a bigger check, just like this state your life’s a wreck. No remorse for your crimes when you should be serving time. And all my money you enjoy pays the whores that you employ to do the things that your wife won’t do.
Track Name: Lies On The Tens
Woke up on the wrong side of the pillow today, turned on the news to watch their views and their opinions of “olds” in my opinion. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, to another story of murder and rape. Another politician spewing his religion. Woke up on the wrong side of the room today to my country’s deep psychosis. A political tactician spewing his own religion.
Track Name: This Is My Goat, Log
Twelve suited men lie screaming in pain on the unyielding floor of their unyielding policies. Stringent and crude, unethical and rude were bleeding across basement walls. Four more musicians too broke for lunch, admire the twelve sickly dead corpses. Rather than waste, just one quick taste. Tender as the crowbar allows.
Track Name: Future Mrs. Foday Sankoh
RUF, the RUF, hide in grass huts from the RUF. Burn the houses, rape the women, kill the children or enslave them. Years in a mine with no concept of time, digging shiny rocks from the bloodstained earth. Shot in the leg, not in the head, on escape from this demonic trend. No one left, there’s no left, no one to stand against the RUF. Helpless and trapped, praying for death. Take me where my children have gone. The west in blind, content and sublime. Fueling the fire with storybook love. No one is watching, no one is coming. All I ask for is a swift end. No one left, there’s no left, no one to stand against the RUF. Wear your rings, unaware that they’ve cost 100 hands.
Track Name: Everyday Disease
The ones who once had me enslaved are different now. If it’s my flesh they crave, they will be let down. Abusing power that we give, braindead slavery is how we live. Entertainment corrupting youth, we are the power and that’s the truth. I will smash their skulls, rip off their heads. These zombie bastards will all be dead.
Track Name: The Nest Is On Fire
Daddy, daddy, what can I say? You’re not the man that I wanted to be. Mother dear, what can you do? I never wanted to be like you. Holy preacher, the only thing you say is how I’m living my life the wrong way. Can’t forget teacher who knows it best, prove my worth with a standardized test. I hate it but I think you’re right. There’s some things in life you can’t fight. So don’t complain about what I do. The way I am is because of you.
Track Name: Support Your Local Nihilist Bakesale
You are not bound, you are not held, you have free will, forget what they said. Your government has left you, no one will defend you, the media has fooled you, forget what they told you. You want the meaning back in your life? You want your freedom, and your rights? Then take my hand and I will lead you to the answers that do not exist. We will lead, we will explain. A paint by numbers, deconstruction. Step 1 load the handgun in your closet. Step 2 shoot a man who’s said to have led you. Kill a politician for every commercial you’ve watched, every man with an attaché, every woman with a plaster face. You want your freedom? Your exoneration? Take them all. They lie in wait.
Track Name: Beaver Fever
You can’t sit around and wait for things to happen. So get off the toilet or start crappin. You gotta push for the things in life that you want. But don’t push to hard and blow your O-ring out.
Track Name: Pig Skin
Just like in high school you prey on the weak, the outcasts, defenseless, the timid and meek. You can’t beat them all without taking the fall so you bottle it down attempting to stall. But the indelible rage that you accrue in your mind presents itself in your wife’s blackened eyes. And she’ll heal but we’ll never forget, what you mean by “serve and protect”: To serve the government and protect what they own. You’re all gonna die and you’ll all die alone. Mark my words pig, there will come a day, when the gun is pointed the other way. And at that point, rigid in fright, you’ll be forced to beg me for your life. The day will soon come when the weak stand strong against the crooked majority who’ve done them wrong. It’s very simple. Next time they point at you, point right back and pull the trigger too. And from here I won’t go far. I’ll wear your skin and steal your car. Your friends will wave as I drive by cuz they don’t know they’re next to die. I’ll enter your base in a bounding stride, wearing the remnants of your pride. Around the room, languidly sitting, are 6 more suits, fresh for fitting.