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Just like in high school you prey on the weak, the outcasts, defenseless, the timid and meek. You can’t beat them all without taking the fall so you bottle it down attempting to stall. But the indelible rage that you accrue in your mind presents itself in your wife’s blackened eyes. And she’ll heal but we’ll never forget, what you mean by “serve and protect”: To serve the government and protect what they own. You’re all gonna die and you’ll all die alone. Mark my words pig, there will come a day, when the gun is pointed the other way. And at that point, rigid in fright, you’ll be forced to beg me for your life. The day will soon come when the weak stand strong against the crooked majority who’ve done them wrong. It’s very simple. Next time they point at you, point right back and pull the trigger too. And from here I won’t go far. I’ll wear your skin and steal your car. Your friends will wave as I drive by cuz they don’t know they’re next to die. I’ll enter your base in a bounding stride, wearing the remnants of your pride. Around the room, languidly sitting, are 6 more suits, fresh for fitting.


from Carpe Diem!, released February 20, 2011



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The Black Tie Operation Albany, New York

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